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Water Damage Restoration Columbus Ohio

When it comes to preventing water damage, you may think that buying flood insurance and making sure you don’t have a leaky roof is enough, but think again! Something as small as a dripping faucet can cause big damage to your home.

There are lots of reasons that you may need a water damage restoration company. Things that may appear seemingly harmless like a leaking washing machine or refrigerator should not only be repaired, but the water damage caused must be assessed. Cracking, warping and peeling may result when water leaks are allowed to flow unchecked.

All PRO Restoration helps you locate even the smallest of leaks and closes them properly, preventing any further damage to your property. Doing so saves money, time and hassle by stopping water damage before it happens. Every moment you wait increases the chance of needing more serious restoration work done.

As one of  Columbus Ohio’s best disaster restoration specialists, All PRO Restoration utilizes the most up to date and current techniques to restore your home or business back to its original luster. Our technology enables us to lower the risk of additional damage, as well as prevent water damage related illnesses such as mold exposure.

When water damage occurs, or you suspect the growth of mold in your home or business, do not wait to contact AAA Water Restoration.  When mold is suspected, prevention and timing can be key in determining if the problem can be alleviated. Mold growth presents serious health concerns and can go unnoticed when water damage or excessive humidity occurs.

Some water damage service organizations extend their services to fire restoration too. All PRO Restoration is one of them. Our trained technicians employ an array of on-site techniques to get back the property and the contents such as personal belongings and furniture. All PRO Restoration‘s licensed and certified professionals are also skilled in smoke damage and restoration. We know that time is money. That’s why we provide 24 hour rapid response service for fire and water damage repair in both domestic and commercial properties.

We will decipher which items are beyond repair, and which items and belongings can be salvaged. All PRO Restoration is with you every step of the way and will provide the most accurate guidelines for restoration as possible.

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